Diversity Photos
Creative Empowerment Program

An initiative to economically empower Diverse Creatives

The Initiative

The Diversity Photos Creative Empowerment program is an initiative to re-invest back into diverse communities and to economically empower creatives from those communities. We do this by providing financial and educational resources, as well as industry insights and mentorships. Our goal is to help creatives successfully develop additional revenue streams and to diversify their portfolios by shooting diverse stock images and video. 

While some programs have offered education and others investment, the Creative Empowerment initiative was created to be a holistic program that provides all the key tools to lead to equity and success: 

  • Photoshoot Funding 
  • Educational Workshops 
  • Onsite Photoshoot Mentorship
  • Portfolio Reviews by Leading Industry Curators 
  • Copyright Grants

The Why Behind it All

“Wealth is a safety net. This safety net allows people to take career risks knowing that they have a buffer when success is not immediately achieved. Wealth affords people opportunities to be entrepreneurs and inventors.” -The Brookings Institute

After years of working with creatives, we came to better understand one of the largest barriers to participation of BIPOC creatives and other underrepresented creatives in the stock industry. It’s not interest…there is plenty of interest. It’s not talent…they are definitely talented. It’s the financial investment needed to launch into the industry. Minorities have been limited in meaningful participation in this industry by wealth gaps that have only widened through generations of systemic racism and inequalities in the US. But the world continues to evolve and the stock industry is in desperate need of diverse and representative images. Who better to capture those images than the people who represent them. 

The talented creatives who complete this program and join the Diversity Photos family, gladly take on the challenge of changing the face of stock and media by creating visuals that are accurate and authentic representations. To enact change, it starts with us owning: Our Narratives, Our Images, and Our Stories.

2020 Program Cohort Creatives

Four dynamic and talented women made up our inaugural cohort of creatives. They came from different backgrounds and specialties as photographers ranging from editorial and commercial sports to portraiture and street photography. Together with Gerald Carter, Diversity Photos’ Co-Founder and Photographer, the group in just 5 months completed over 30 shoots and generated over 4,000 media assets – beautiful, meaningful and representative images and videos. 

B.Alyssa Trofort-Wilson

B. Alyssa

Melissa Alexander


Lynsey Weatherspoon


Mhandy Gerard


2020 Creative Cohort Portfolio

Below are samples of the impactful work that the 2020 cohort created during the program.
View the entire Diversity Photos portfolio on Adobe Stock. 

B. Alyssa Trofort-Wilson

Melissa Alexander

Lynsey Weatherspoon

Mhandy Gerard

Previous Partners

Adobe Stock Logo

Empowerment Sponsor

Thank you to Empowerment Sponsor, Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock provided both financial and educational investment into the program to help make it a true success! We appreciate their ongoing support in creating an equitable and representative community, both in front of and behind the camera. All images from the program are available on Adobe Stock. Visit adobe.diversityphotos.com to see the complete collection of works by Diversity Photos.

CQ Fluency Logo

Community Advocate Sponsor

CQ Fluency's support provided funding for an important medical and healthcare translation photoshoot. Helping us to fill important gaps in this industry.

Community Advocate Sponsor

Room&Board's support provided locations and set designs for multiple photoshoot themes. Helping to gain access to modern spaces that were perfectly styled to create meaningful content.

2022 Cohort Coming Soon


The 2022 Creative Empowerment Program will launch soon. Follow us on IG: @diversitystock on Facebook: Diversity Photos or join our email list to be the first to know when we are accepting applications for the next cohort. 


If you are interested in supporting and sponsoring the 2022 program, contact Nicole Carter for more information.